Top 5 Plugins and Themes To Create a Seamless Mobile WordPress Experience


WordPress powers 27% of the internet and more than half of the internet access is mostly mobile. I am entering an unchartered territory and I don’t know how to proceed with task that constitutes finding the best among the 27% of the internet, 900million people, or 75million websites.

I am supposed to pick 5 themes and plugins in my pursuit to create a perfect mobile WordPress experience and I don’t know where to start.

As always, I’ll Google a few keywords and hope for the best. 20% of all WordPress websites run on either of them. Off course, neither of these two will make it to my list. I am just content that I have 180million less websites to consider.

I have assurances from many of my WordPress pals that they will do the research on my part if I ever get stuck. That’s so generous of them but there is no way I am gonna let them manipulate me to promote their themes by means of my list. It’s my list and not a medium to sell somebody’s theme in return of a favour.

D5 Creation is a not-for-profit organization that creates some of the best Free and Extended RESPONSIVE WordPress Themes. Many of their themes were listed as one of the Top 5th most Popular Theme and Featured Themes at

A major portion of the revenue D5 Creation earns, mostly by selling themes and ads, are spent on the education of underprivileged children and students. Their themes are compliant with the WordPress Coding and Designing Standards.

I really like their mission and will consider entering a few of their themes in the list. But I assure my opinions won’t bias my list in anyway. You’ll have the most extensive list.

There are a hell lot of Plugins for WordPress

What about Plugins? There are more 29,000 plugins available for WordPress. And the most popular is, the spam filter, Akismet, which has over 3million active installations.

As a WordPress idealist, I have decided do away from any sort of premium themes and plugins in the list. Moreover, any app that hasn’t been updated in a while has been omitted. I have only sourced themes and plugins from and (for the reason I mentioned above) as they are most likely to be consistent and compatible with latest version of WordPress. I have refrain from any sort of technical information, coding examples and installation guide in the article to maintain its universal appeal. I want a novice to pursue the dream of starting their own WordPress website.

Several factors shaped my decision to include or not to include a theme or plugin into the list. I will not push those factors and rather concentrate on the selected themes and plugins here to give you clearer picture.

5 Themes To Create a Seamless Mobile WordPress Experience

Pranayama Yoga

Although the theme is meant to support a Yoga Centre, wellbeing center, ashram, country-side spa, forest resort, etc., a little customization will deem it fit for any business that is looking for a hip looking yet visually appealing website. 

International Yoga Day is just around the corner, and it’ll be a great idea to revamp your website to reflect the celebration. 

The theme includes everything you ever need in a website: custom menu, attractive Banner Section, About Section, Courses section, Trainer section, Testimonial Section, Banner with Call to Action Button (CTA), and social media.


For local businesses that don’t want an extravagant website with every other functionality, never-ending menus, tens of images but want a minimalistic theme design that reflects their brand value, sophistication, integrity and simplicity. A theme with a single banner image, minimum header and footer, handful of menu buttons, and contact info is perfect to show posh coffee shops, diners, salons, cake shops etc. in bright light.

Catch Responsive

This responsive theme supports multiple languages: Swedish, French, Brazilian Portuguese, German, Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, and Danish languages and is apt for any business providing professional services to multilingual audience. 

Each element is responsive and has been carefully configured for perfect display on devices of all sizes and shapes.It has an extensive variety of alternatives so you can adjust layout, designing, highlighted content, main slider, pagination, icons, menus, breadcrumb, widgets, etc. straight from theme customizer.


WordPress theme selfie by comes in two version Selfie and Selfie extend. While the former is free, the latter is only available to the paid members of D5Creation. A yearly membership costs $149.99 only while the lifetime membership costs $499.99. D5Creation donates a substantial part of its profit to educate people from underprivileged section of the society. I am a huge fan of their efforts.

Selfie is for the businesses and individuals that are looking to create a single page website, that’ll reflect their business on the web without hook and crook. If you’re an artist: painter, graphic designer, animator, or a graffiti artist who wants to showcase their work, gather clients’ testimonials and, above all, wants their website to look like a piece of art rather than yet another website, this is a theme to opt for. 

Businesses wanting to highlight their portfolio without looking like a hard-seller will benefit too. 

The theme is treat to view on retina display and most high-res AMOLED screens  An excerpt from the theme page: 


Yet another theme from D5Creation to make it to the list, Snowfall is a perfect small business theme. Its responsive to your Apple Watch and your 110″ UHD smart TV. The responsive layout of Snowfall is flexible to the core. Its full wide template is what you need to give your potential clients a glimpse of your work. 

The pixel-perfect theme, when viewed on an iPhone uses clever tricks by aligning the key elements without a loss of content and looks equally wow-inspiring as on a life-sized display. I tested the full-width post. 

The e-shop, integrated in the theme, displays large images of the products in high resolution and a product tile can be configured with colors reflecting your brand.

5 Plugins To Create a Seamless Mobile WordPress Experience

I know while themes will relate to most people who are on the internet and surfs a lot of websites, plugins are more technical in nature and those technicalities are incomprehensible to a layperson. Therefore, I haven’t included such plugins. Most of the plugins I have listed solve a problem or two and makes a WordPress website better for the admins as well as users. As mentioned over and again in the blog, I am targeting any user who uses the internet, with my blog. Although most plugins are as easy to install as hitting the Install button, you must only install the plugins your website cannot live without, take a help from a WordPress developer if you aren’t yourselves and check the theme page for known issues before hitting the Install button.

There may be extra lines of information that the developers’ reading this blog might find boring. They are added to make the blog comprehensible to an average internet user.

Two Factor Authentication

Google, Facebook, & Microsoft, all insist its users to enable two-step (password + secret code) authentication on their accounts. Account breaches are a common place these days and passwords are easily guessable with a combination of clever tricks, sophisticated methods, brute force attack and social engineering.

As a WordPress admin, you must enable two-step authentication on your website if you haven’t already and encourage existing account holder on your WordPress website to enable this extra layer of security over their password.

WordPress lacks native two-factor authentication support. Two Factor Authentication enables it on your website.

The plugin supports:

  • Two-factor using TOTP + HOTP protocol-enabled authenticators and QR Code
  • Support for Google Authenticator, Authy, and various others for secret code generation
  • Support for WordPress Multi-site installations

“The premium version offers more features such as custom layouts, emergency backup codes, better admin control over users’ two-factor codes and login functionality, and more”.

Wordfence Security

Wordfence has everything you need to secure your website: a firewall, Live Traffic monitor, “extended protection”, country filter, login security, rate limiter, scan scheduler, spam filter, and a trust of over one million active users. I talked to a few people associated with WordPress and most them prefer this solution to all others. The best part is the plugin is opensource and free to download and install.

The plugin dashboard is easy to use and resembles the dashboard of a commercial virus protector. The most interesting part of WordFence is the Live Traffic view. It gives you real-time visibility into traffic and hack attempts on your WordPress website. The scanner in the security plugin scans your website for threats and malware from time to time for threats and malware and notifies you of any detection.

Wordfence lets you know when your IP address is being misused to Spamvertize (Spam + Advertisement).

Shiny Updates

While the last two updates were centered around the security of the users and wordpress admin respectively. Shiny Updates is more of a fancy plugin that replaces boring experiences of using the clunky plugin and theme screens with fresh-looking, modern, slightly more interesting Shiny Updates

Did you ever try to update the Theme or a Plugin in a WordPress website? WordPress lets you know exactly how it is executing the whole updating process:

“Downloading update from……

Unpacking the update…

Installing the latest version…

Removing the old version of the theme…

Theme updated successfully. “

The dull and boring experience is a big letdown for WordPress developers. Imagine the same experience while servicing your car—a screen that shows you service executive servicing your car all the time–changing the clutch oil, engine oil, one of the filters, aligning the left wheel; you’ll never feel like servicing your car again. Service stations rather ask you to watch football, read the breaking news while they serve you a glass of water or a cup of coffee. This is the kind of experience WordPress developers expect, not “The Bleak Screen of Sadness” as the developer of Shiny Updates likes to call it.

The good news is Shiny Updates approved for partial merge into WordPress 4.6 although You still need to download it for the complete experience.


Gutenberg is a block editor is to make process of adding rich content to WordPress simple and enjoyable. Although the software is still in beta and not recommended to run on production sites, it’s a great step ahead, especially for those bloggers who are not familiar with complex elements of HTML and PHP coding.

Ask any novice WordPress blogger. He will tell you how hard is it to create a blog with rich content on WordPress without editing a few lines of code. Even developers hate short-codes, custom HTML, or “mystery meat” embed every then and now.

WordPress supports a great number of “blocks”, but doesn’t surface them splendidly. The layout options are limited, nonetheless. Gutenberg brings existing WordPress blocks on the surface in addition to advance advanced layout options. This example will give you an idea.


Facebook has grown above Likes, the social networking giant now provides more ways to react to a pic, video, or text post. For instance, a news about a fierce accident on the freeway doesn’t count for a Like reaction. It deserves a sorrow reaction. Likewise, birth of your niece need a happy reaction. A Like button in this case will give an illusion to the poster that you like the way newborn looks not the news.

Reactions allows any WordPress website to support myriad of reactions. The reactions plugin currently has the following features:

  • Allows for reactions to posts
  • REST API endpoints for storing and retrieving reactions
  • An exceedingly ugly emoji selector

In addition to Reactions plugin, you must install the WP-API plugin to avoid code duplication although the two’s code may merge in the future.

Final Words and a gentle piece of advice

WordPress supported by a great number of plugins and themes. There are only a few instances when you have to do bare-bottom PHP coding to create a custom design or a plugin. The credit goes to thousands of developers who work day and night to make your WordPress experience better. Although they never ask for anything in return, they need your support and patience. When you come across a bug in a theme or plugin let the developer know or if you know php fix the code yourself and put it on the plugin page on Github. If you like a theme, let them know. Tell them if you want them to add new feature.

And Please, if you can’t afford a premium plugin or theme do not search for it on .torrent sites. This the worst thing you could ever do to demoralize WordPress developers and theme makers. You are using their work, don’t abuse it now. Moreover, pirated plugins are often unpacked and packed with malware, making your website vulnerable to exploits and hacks.

Happy WordPressing!!!

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