The Most Useful Growth Marketing Strategies for B2B


Growth marketing. The term has been everywhere lately? How is this approach different from every other marketing technique you use to promote your B2B brand? Can we define it as ‘marketing that helps your company grow’? Well, that’s one way of looking at the issue.

In its essence, growth marketing is all about acquiring long-term customers. Some definitions of growth marketing are limited to “practicing A/B testing and optimization.” That’s a logical explanation of the term, since the marketers focused on conversion optimization are clearly focused on growth. Nevertheless, conversion optimization is only one aspect of growth marketing, which is a broader and more exciting category.

So let’s focus on a broader definition: growth marketing is about attracting and engaging businesses. When compared to traditional marketing, which focuses on the top of the funnel (building awareness), growth marketing focuses on the entire funnel (awareness, consideration, conversion, loyalty, and advocacy).

Now we are getting somewhere. The only question is: how can your B2B brand use growth marketing in the most successful way? We have some strategies you’ll like.

1. Focused Content Marketing

Content marketing should be part of every B2B brand’s strategy for promotion. According to IDC, the buyer’s purchase decisions are influenced by different types of content: independent case studies, industry trade whitepapers, independent whitepapers, industry trade blogs, vendor-sponsored case studies, vendor-sponsored whitepapers, independent blogs, and vendor blogs.

When most B2B marketers are trying to develop promotional content, they limit the focus on blogging and social media. That’s a mistake. Case studies and whitepapers are an extremely valuable source of information for any business that’s about to make an investment. Videos and info-graphics are also important, so make sure to include them in your strategy.

Each piece of content should belong into a greater strategy. Before you start launching articles and featuring posts from influences at your site, you need to develop a plan focused at answering the needs of your audience. That’s the type of content marketing that attracts clients and helps you retain them on the long term.

2. Use LinkedIn to Its Full Potential

B2B marketers should never focus their entire energy on social media. If you were promoting a blog or a product for usual clients, maybe that would work. Business people, however, hang out on LinkedIn. This community is important for expanding your reach, but it’s also important for building reputation.

Connect with the target audience, and present your offer. You’ll find business owners or managers of organizations that would be interested in your products or services. If they accept the connection, you can communicate with them through the messaging system and present all benefits they get when they associate with your business.

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to blog. That’s an awesome addition to your content marketing campaign, mainly because it helps you build an authority. Authority is what keeps the current customers coming back.

3. Focus on User Experience

Growth marketing is not only about making sales; it’s about taking the client from acquisition to purchase to loyalty in a very smooth way. If you want that to happen, you need to make sure the client gets an impeccable user experience and convenience they won’t forget.

Analyze the needs of your target clients. Put yourself in their shoes and think how you can make their experience better. When you give them everything they are looking for, you’ll get what you want in return: loyalty and growth.

4. Offer Great Support

The usual B2B marketing approach is clear: offer great value to the target clients and promote it in the best possible way. With growth marketing, you add another important element: support. Keep educating your clients and tell them how to get the most out of your product or service. They will not only come back for more purchases, but they will also share recommendations that will generate fresh revenue streams.

When a client has a problem or doesn’t know how to use your product, you have to provide the best possible support. Hire capable agents, train them well and get updates on a regular basis.

5. Email Marketing

People check their emails every single day. When you’re dealing with business owners and marketers, you know that they mostly communicate via email. Since this is a great way to reach your audience, it’s important to attract subscribers and start sending out beautifully-designed emails.

Add a subscription button at your website and invite the visitors to join the list with an attractive offer: they will be getting promotions, discounts, and valuable information via email. Make sure to keep that promise!

There you go; now you already know 5 very useful marketing techniques that will lead your business to growth. The next steps are planning and implementation! Don’t forget to share your impressions and opinions with us.

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